A KURE for what's possible in your life

Down-to-earth wellness & lifestyle coaching for RESTLESS women with a RELENTLESS feeling for something MORE.   


It's In you

We all have the KURE within us to overcome what stands between us and fulfillment. 

The KURE to decreasing stress while increasing our contentment with life;

The KURE to losing weight while gaining freedom from yo-yo diets and trendy exercise programs;

The KURE to transitioning into motherhood minus the martyrdom;

The KURE to doing work that doesn’t feel like work;

The KURE to living in the place you dream of vacationing


Meet Kate

She's your guide to the place of possibility. Pair that possibility (you know the shift in thinking where you go from no way to hell yeah!) with a plan and you have a recipe for YOUR KURE.  

Who better to cook up a plan than…

  • Obstetric & Women's Health Nurse Educator turned...

  • Registered Yoga Instructor turned...

  • Certified Master of Living Ayurveda turned…

  • Mother of three turned…

  • ICF Certified Life Coach and a...

  • Forever student of life.

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How Can I help?

Let's find your KURE together

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"Kate is transformative coaching, embodied."

Her knowledge and expertise when it comes to transformation: of body, mind, and soul truly makes you feel like anything is possible. Coaching with Kate has opened up my eyes to the endless possibilities when it comes to my health and happiness. Her capacity for being with me in difficult conversations and still standing for my highest good and potential quite literally makes me feel unstoppable. In addition, the Ayurvedic insight and wealth of health-related knowledge and wisdom that Kate shares with her clients are priceless. I highly recommend coaching with Kate if you are looking to transform any areas of your life--and I bet after one session with her, you will see how all areas of your life are actually connected and can be transformed, anyway!  Come for health and well-being--leave with so much more. 

-Olivia Chapman/  Tampa, Florida, USA

CEO at Olivia M. Chapman/  Executive Director of Training and Development at Inner Glow Circle



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